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Under the name Anshel, Yentl Movie review yentl involved in an unconventional love triangle. She emerges as a boor, but more troubling is the one-dimensionality with which she has been drawn in stark contrast to the novel.

The way she might choose to move through a note or a line when singing dictates to the listener the emotion Movie review yentl or she is meant to feel.

To complicate matters, Hadass' father does not approve of Avigdor's family history, and will not let her marry him. Not only did Streisand star as the titular Jewish schoolgirl, she also co-produced and co-wrote in addition to making her directorial debut.

Along the way we get a proto-feminist slant on Jewish life in days of yore in the "big picture" arena, as well as a more intimate examination of a woman desperately seeking her place in the universe in the "close up" category. However, for those less enamored of its star and director, the film still provides some glorious entertainment, which nicely traverses an emotional gamut from serious introspection to door-slamming farce.

Several deleted scenes round out the extras on Disc 1. The former shows Streisand in the thick of it, working as an actor and a director within the scenes; the latter includes involvement by Legrand and the Bergmans in addition to the performers. But Streisand never convincingly exudes any shred of masculinity, making it nearly impossible to accept that these characters never discover her secret.

There are actually two cuts of the movie on this disc, the original theatrical version and the slightly extended director's cut. A large part of this is in learning to have what her male counterparts do not: The DVD has a wonderful clarity, creating an immersive atmosphere that gives all aspects of the soundtrack, from music to dialogue to sound effects, their proper due.

Sung only by Streisand's character in her private moments, they track her growth and learning--intentionally so, in fact. I saw it for the first time when I was about ten, and the memory of it stayed with me until I saw it again, years later. Also, the film has a hard-hitting premise and this might not go well with every section of the audience.

There's also a DD 2. Quintuple if you count singing? In lieu of her inability to perform more traditional marital duties, Yentl introduces Hadass to the world of exploration that has so fascinated her. Colors are gorgeous, if intentionally on the yellow-amber side throughout the film, with consistent contrast and black levels.

MGM Entertainment promotional in nature, not reflective of the Blu-ray presentation Share this story. However, I would whole-heartedly recommend it to moms and dads. As a director, Barbra Streisand is as assured of herself as she is as an actress. Yentl is uncomfortable rooming with Avigdor, and we do see just a bit more of him than we would under normal circumstances.

It was a little slow to draw me in, and at times, the plotting is a little obvious, treading well-worn paths taken by many other gender-switch stories, but these come off as minor in comparison to the overall effect.

Yentl (1983)

For some reason, a lot of the women in my life, both ones who were simply friends and those who were something more complicated, have had a thing for Yentl. What do you think about the almost limitless variety of music that's available to audiences in the modern era?

Streisand is a famously polarizing artist and this musical offers some compelling evidence of why. When the father dies, Yentl makes the somewhat rash decision to pass as a male and enter a yeshiva, a Jewish house of learning, boys' club style.

In fact, both Yentl and Movie review yentl might be momentarily faulted for portraying the village life of this era's Jews as too pretty--there's not a dust mite to be seen anywhere, which might make sense filmically but which removes a certain degree of verisimilitude from the proceedings.

What makes Yentl even better, however, is that all of the above is in the story without it overtaking the story. The directing, editing, and production design are all top-notch. There's no doubt that Streisand was making some piquante comments on what it's like to be a woman working in a "man's world," whether that be the academic halls of Talmud, or the workaday world of directing a major motion picture.

As far as I am concerned, saying you aren't a feminist is akin to not being a humanist. This extra cut has three previously excised scenes that follow pretty quickly after the marriage of Anshel and Hadass, and since these are taken from workprint materials, are fairly obvious due to less pristine audio and video.

On the whole, RX is a very unconventional love story with a twist which is narrated in an interesting manner. This displays her uncertainty of herself and her place in Jewish society, and the cutting of her hair symbolizes her transformation and the beginning of a new life for her. Yentl is a somewhat boyish girl who's father taught her to read and study the talmud the Jewish book of law - forbidden to women until he died, leaving her orphaned.

The young heroine has done her role well and impressive with her role. Patinkin is also less mannered than he usually is or at least became later in his careerbringing an athletic presence to Avigdor that is appealing and heartfelt.

Yentl Review

The communal squeeze would never happen and if in the highly unlikely event it did occur, undercurrents of profound struggle would be evident in all three characters, individually and collectively.

Yentl struggles with her secret until the day she can no longer remain silent. Esti defines herself as gay but on some level loves her husband too.Movie: Yentl () - Rebbe Mendel is a single father who teaches the Talmud, a sacred text of Judaism, to the boys of his small Polish town.

Behind closed d. The movie wonderfull instrumental finale by Michel Legrand is missing from the 's a shame! Legrand won an Oscar for Yentl. I wish they could re-released this cd with the Legrand's in the bootleg section fort the two alternate soundtracks.

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'Yentl' is a middle-ground musical, one that covers all the conventions necessary, that is full of heart and soul, but despite sticking so carefully to formula doesn't make the cut into brilliance. movie review: yentl Everyone at one time or another has felt out of place.

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PLOT: A.D - the Shadow Mountains. Red Miller (Nicolas Cage)’s idyllic life comes crashing down when his beloved.

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